Thursday, December 15, 2011

Schedule Is Set

I'm so beyond pumped now - my class schedule is all set for next semester! I will only have class Monday through Wednesday (crazy, right?) and I'm taking the equivalent of 16 credits (4 classes). I'm taking one humanities-type class on The Classic Hollywood Musical, which seems pretty cool. In addition to the traditional lecture, we also spend time watching various classic musicals during a screening time session. My other three classes are suitable for my major and are about a variety of topics including: cognition, evolution, behavior, and mammals. I study Evolutionary Anthropology in the US so these classes should suit my studies quite perfectly.

I have officially less than three weeks until I arrive in London and I will be there for the next five months. I cannot believe how fast the end of this semester has gone by, I only have one more exam and then I'm officially ready for next semester!

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