Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Proper Sunday Meal

I was in the mood to try to make a full blown proper supper this Sunday and decided to go for one of my favorite meals: broiled salmon, spinach and rice! I was very pleased with how it came out - as I opted for an Asian-y glaze which I had never made before (to be honest, I have never made this meal myself before, but I've watched as my mom used to make it for me back when I was in high school). I also decided to whip up some grapefruit sugar cookies which I found a recipe for randomly online. I felt like making cookies but didn't have traditional cookie ingredients so I decided to see if I could do a citrus mix and it turned out really lovely. They had grapefruit zest and the juice of a fresh grapefruit in the batter and a mixture of the juice and sugar for a nice glaze on top. I've been quite the chef recently!

In other news, It's been rather quiet in the flat and on campus in general as we're on reading week now. The other night some of my friends from a nearby flat came over and kept me entertained/helped me make blueberry muffins - so we had a fun time chatting and stuff. We read through some of the magazines my mom sent me back from the US, which is always a fun pastime.

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