Friday, February 24, 2012

Flatmates Try American Junk Food

Several weeks ago my British flatmates tried American junk food items and I filmed their reactions! Enjoy! =)


  1. Lol, "CRISpity crunchety" loloololllllllll. I cracked up on that part. I love how they were all more excited to see the hot cheetos than to taste them. It was like the complete opposite reaction. Slash, they all crunched at the same time lol. I almost couldn't bare the twinkie scene. UUUUUUGH. ewohmygod."These are popular at like baseball games, and things like that" lol. I'm like"???" I'm not sure how accurate that is, after you just said people don't really eat these lol, but whatev. They were probably popular at baseball games in the 50s hahaha. Fun vid.

    1. Hahaha this was such a fun video. We were laughing so hard. They actually devoured the Flamin' Hot Cheetos - they were allll over them when we stopped filming. Twinkies are sooo nasty man. LOL the Cracker Jacks thing - I guess I should've said in the 1950s hahah. =)))

  2. I would love to see the same vid. with 4 guys and get there reaction.

  3. Aw, the poor shy girl on the right. :). She seemed really sweet.

  4. Chocolate Twizzlers are tastier but harder to find.