Friday, January 6, 2012

Sick & Whatnot

Today was our orientation in which we learned more about the different departments, London as a whole, tips and tricks for being a Londoner and what have you. This was quite a long presentation that became rather tedious toward the end and unnecessary, but we did get to break for lunch. A few friends and I tried a cafe on campus and the vegetarian prepared meal options were scarce so I ended up eating an apple and having an Evian (which seems rather popular here, Evian in particular. It was only 80p which isn't as much as it is in the States I think?).

Prior to orientation we were given a free breakfast at an on campus eatery. I had eggs, half a slice of toast and jam. I was more thirsty than hungry to be honest, but I hadn't had a proper meal that I picked out for myself in awhile so I got a plate. I'm fairly certain the breakfast is what made me feel ill, but after orientation festivities I was supposed to go to Sainsbury's market with a few friends. I came back to my flat and oddly felt very ill all of a sudden and became nauseous. I decided to take a nap and try to feel better and thus didn't end up going grocery shopping, which I do want to one day check out for sure. Anyway, once I woke up two of my flatmates were back and preparing dinner so I joined them in conversation but didn't end up eating anything for the rest of the day as I had lost my appetite. I just now had a banana I brought from home and am feeling much better thankfully so tomorrow should be my first real day outside of campus exploring more in depth or being "a tourist" as they called it.

 We ended up staying up until almost 4am talking about everything from Russel Brand (one of my flatmates is huge Russel fan) and Katy Perry's relationship to Amy Winehouse to British and American food. My other flatmate came home later and joined in for a bit as we discussed cereal as I noticed Kellogg's markets different cereals here when I went to a local market yesterday. For their chocolate-y cereals, instead of Cocoa Puffs or Rice Krispy in chocolate flavor, the markets sell Cocoa Pops which looks like chocolate rice krispy cereal but they do not sell Cocoa Puffs, interestingly enough. She and I had a cup of tea (she has so many different kinds! I tried a Green Tea w/ Lemon by Twinings and added honey) and then after she went off to bed I was up for a bit longer talking with my other flatmates for awhile longer (and we each showed our American and English accent ability off well - which was pretty funny). I unfortunately am on a super irregular sleep schedule still especially after having napped today after feeling ill, but hopefully the jet lag will wear off sooner rather than later. Because I didn't go grocery shopping today, I decided to order my groceries online and have them be delivered which I'm very excited to see how that process works. It's only about £5 to have them deliver your groceries which will be handy for my first trip where I need more essential-type items. I am hoping to check out the open markets on Sunday probably to get fresh fruits and vegetables and peruse the offerings.

Well that's basically the update for my day today, hopefully tomorrow will be less sickly and tedious. Thanks for reading!


  1. Thisismy name todayJanuary 7, 2012 at 7:31 AM

    Sorry to hear you are sick. Get better like right now.

  2. Thank you! I feel significantly better - it was weird I got so ill like that. I think it was the eggs I had to be honest.